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Grooming & Salon


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Grooming should be an enjoyable time for every pet. 

Cat Bathing Service



Dog Bathing Service 


Grooming Service


The grooming destination that puts your pet's health first

        From start to finish, we make your pet’s health & wellness our top priorities. Our dog groomer is professionally trained, we merge creativity and superior experiences in the grooming process.

              We understand not all pets enjoying grooming. Our founder, Miss Koel Jim, experienced the same issue with her own poodle, Sushi. That igniting enthusiasm for her to took a full-time course in pet grooming for a better knowledge and brining an enjoyable experience to Sushi.

         Koel believes grooming is not conjured up notions of brushes and bows, it is in fact a vital element to the pet's overall health and wellbeing. She believes it's the pet groomer's responsibility to provide a pleasant experience for each pet to enjoy grooming and it's a mutual responsibility with the pet owner to create a habit for the dog to have regular grooming. 

          Regularly grooming your dog allows you to catch any underlying diseases or conditions early, meaning that they will be able to be treated quicker and more efficiently and will therefore be less likely to have any lasting effect on your beloved pet.

         We take care of only one dog at a time, we ensure a strong bonding with your pet to ensure a pleasant experience with us. 

Our caring, our dog groomers love what they do and love helping you.

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Price List

Our groomer brings another level of sensation to your loved one, which is incalculable. 


Tiny (1-5kg)



Bathing and Blow Dry, 

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trimming &

Anal   Gland Care



Medium (6-11kg)


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Large (12-20kg)


Body Trim.png

Body Trim


Basic Care &

Half Clipper, Half Scissor Cut


Japanese Groom.png


Japanese Groom

Basic Care &

Fully Scissor Cut



新界區免交通費, 可上門或接載毛孩到美容院; 九龍區消費低於$480, 需收交通費$80; 香港區消費低於$480, 交通費為$150。

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