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About Our Pet Store

It's all starts with 4pets: Sushi the Poodle, Kam Kut & Bui Bui the Cats,  Coconut the Parrot. Our founder quit her job as a creative director at Gratify Event and she decided to spend her time in people and things that really matter to her for the rest of her life, which she found out that it's all about her FAMILY. She starts sourcing the best food and products for her loved ones. 

Sushi the poodle has a really bad grooming experience grooming at a pet shop and our founder knows that the only way to solve this problem is having the skill to groom her at home and with the most trustworthy person. She starts to having grooming courses in Hong Kong, it's not something easy for our founder, as she used to be a very rushy person. She experienced many difficulties and the teacher gave her lots of hard time. No matter how much afford she put into it, the teacher never satisfies with her performance. Even the teacher give up on her, it didn't stop her to acquire the skill and knowledge. Grooming is not something easy, but definitely not something you cannot do it. She trusts that if she can do it, every pet owner can do it too. She strives to deliver the correct grooming knowledge and attitude to all the pet owners in Hong Kong because she knows how frustrating it is and how to deliver the knowledge in the best way.

We Care. We Provide the Best. We are Animal Lover

Our Team

Our Family

It's all about our family. They are the start of this journey.

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The Poodle

Kam Kut the Chinchilla
Kam Kut


Bui Bui the Exotic


Coconut the Parrot
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